The GGSA is part of Area 1 of the California High School Speech Association (CHSSA).
The GGSA serves the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, San Francisco, Siskiyou (west of Yreka), Solano (sw of Hwy 12), Sonoma and Trinity. The GGSA develops and promotes speech and debate programs for high schools through the active association of speech and debate coaches dedicated to student development through speech and debate competition. Membership is open to any high school within the boundaries of the GGSA as defined by CHSSA.  At GGSA tournaments, we hope to provide the best possible experience for all of our member schools, coaches, students and parent volunteers.  
David J. Matley, GGSA President

Recent News and Announcements:

GGSA DUES INVOICE:  use this form to pay your GGSA dues for 2020-21.

CHSSA DUES WAIVER FORM: use this form to request a financial hardship waiver if you owe CHSSA dues this year. All schools who paid CHSSA dues last year do not owe this year.  You can view the CHSSA member schools link on the left sidebar if you are not sure if your school paid their CHSSA dues last year.

All first semester GGSA tournaments will be held online.  See GGSA Calendar for dates.  Registration will take place on Tabroom.

Virtual Competition Format-GGSA Individual Events

GGSA New School Application: this form must be completed by all schools wishing to join the GGSA or have not competed in our League in the last two years and are located within the geographic boundaries of our League (see boundaries above). 

Coaches, please remember your responsibilities as outlined in the GGSA By-Laws. They will be strictly enforced this year:

Article V, Section G

  • Shall attend every official meeting of the GGSA legislature. A qualified certificated teacher must be present in the absence of a coach.
  • Shall be present or arrange for a qualified person approved by the school administration for each tournament the school is entering to carry out tournament duties assigned to that school. Violation of this makes the school liable for a $50.00 fine.
  • Shall assume the responsibility for each contestant observing accurately all the rules of an event in which s/he is to be entered.
  • Shall volunteer to host tournaments as required, at least once every three years.
  • Shall complete registrations in time and handle drops as prescribed.
  • Shall have contestants registered accurately (including drops) and on time.
  • Shall be present online for the duration of a tournament and make sure that his/her students observe all regulations regarding conduct.
  • Shall coach students in the tradition of the highest ethical and performance standards.
  • Failure to abide by the rules above may jeopardize a school’s ability to participate in GGSA tournaments.